Imagine a Company…

  • that doesn’t simply meet its customers’ needs, it anticipates them
  • whose research and development team has an on-going commitment to make it’s product easier to install and maintain
  • that strives for perfection with regard to reliability and performance
  • that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure it products are both functional and cost efficient.

Davis Lighting have a team of experienced lighting designers throughout our network, using design software to provide the correct lighting solution to the industry. Please contact your nearest Davis Lighting Office to discuss your requirements.

Davis Lighting uses the latest in computer modelling software for the design and development of lighting products that meet the strict performance criteria set by our engineering department. The design features address both photometric and mechanical issues, making our products not only high in performance, but also easy to install and maintain.

Davis Lighting does not compromise when it comes to safety. All products are manufactured in accordance with the international electrical safety standard IEC60598.1 & associated parts, and comply with EMC regulations, now mandatory in many of the countries serviced by Davis Lighting.

“Davis Lighting supplied all the lighting we needed for our shopping centre project. Their staff and representatives made it easy for us to find exacty what we were looking for.”


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