The freedom of wireless mesh networks configured by smartphone App’s considerably changes the approach to connected lighting controls. Davis Lighting has designed such lighting controls using Connect4 wireless mesh technology to support the functional demands of most commercial and industrial applications

30mA broadcast DALI output for up to 15 LED drivers per node
Photocell Advance built-in daylight control
Daylight harvest function to regulate light output for maintaining required lux level
Tri-level dimming control based upon occupancy (also known as corridor function)
Free smartphone iOS App for set-up and commissioning:
Scene control
Push switch configuration: recall scene
Switch-Dim with Synchronization for simple manual over-ride
Non-volatile memory retains settings in the event of power loss

HCD038/BT is a Bluetooth transceiver node with DALI sensor in linear-shape control base. It is perfect for applications where space is restricted for cables and externally mounted lighting controls.
HCD038/BT also features DALI control with a 30mA power supply for up to 15 LED driver connections.
This device works with two occupancy sensor heads, HIR05 and SAM20 to meet the requirements of various applications.