The freedom of wireless mesh networks configured by smartphone App’s considerably changes the approach to connected lighting controls. Davis Lighting has designed such lighting controls using Bluetooth4 wireless mesh technology to support the functional demands of most commercial and domestic applications such as office/retail lighting and residential environments.

All models support two manual retractive (non-latching) switch inputs to provide manual operation of the lighting. The free-to-download App provides the user with automated control functions as well as the ability to set up points in logical groups to create scenes.

100mA broadcast DALI output (DT8) for up to 50 LED drivers per node
1-10V output control option – also can be used for on/off relay control
150VA trailing edge output version
Free smartphone iOS App for set-up and commissioning:
Scene control Scheduling
Push switch configuration: recall scene / external motion sensor compatible
2-input Switch-Dim for simple manual control and scene recall
Short circuit protection
Overload protection
Non-volatile memory retains settings in the event of power loss

The setup and functionality of the HBTD200x/F series is covered in the Sensor app user guide.

Ensure the correct app is downloaded and installed. The models are NOT supported in the Interior app and vice versa.

Further technical details beyond the scope of the user manuals are given below.