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Plaster frame kits provide an easy and attractive method for fitting traditional T-bar or universal mount luminaires into a plaster or solid board ceiling. Installation is simplicity itself as the luminaire drops straight into the frame without the need for fasteners, and the use of plaster frame kits also provides a handy access point to the ceiling space. PF kits are available for just about any standard size luminaire; 600 mm and 1200 mm in length, and 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm in width – in all combinations! PF kits work equally well with fluro and LED luminaires (there is even a custom frame for the Bianca Junior HID) and provide a uniform appearance for installations requiring a mix of fittings.




  • For converting surface mount and recessed T/Bar luminaires to recessed plaster luminaires
  • Flexibility in converting T-bar or universal fittings to plaster mounting
  • Provides a convenient point for ceiling access
  • Accepts a wide range of different models
  • Quick and easy to install


Any plaster or solid board installation:

  • Retail premises
  • Commercial interiors
  • Corridors, passageway
  • Transit areas

Catalogue Number

  • PFN600
  • PFN1200
  • PF600
  • PF1200
  • PFM600
  • PFM1200
  • PFW600
  • PFW1200
  • PFBJ (For Bianca Junior only)



Model Frame Length Frame Width Lip Length Lip Width Cutout Length Cutout Width
PFN600 600 mm 200 mm 625 mm 225 mm 605 mm 205 mm
PFN1200 1200 mm 200 mm 1225 mm 225 mm 1205 mm 205 mm
PF600 600 mm 300 mm 625 mm 325 mm 605 mm 305 mm
PF1200 1200 mm 300 mm 1225 mm 325 mm 1205 mm 305 mm
PFM600 600 mm 400 mm 625 mm 425 mm 605 mm 405 mm
PFM1200 1200 mm 400 mm 1225 mm 425 mm 1205 mm 405 mm
PFW600 1200 mm 600 mm 625 mm 625 mm 605 mm 605 mm
PFW1200 600 mm 600 mm 1225 mm 625 mm 1205 mm 605 mm
PFBJ 427 mm 427 mm 452 mm 452 mm 432 mm 432 mm


Important note: If the plaster ceiling is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the luminaire In the area of installation, no timber battening is required. Simply fix the frame directly to the ceiling material using the brackets provided. If the ceiling has insufficient support, additional timber battening will be required. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the most efficient and risk-free method of installation.

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