Transforming Spaces with Lighting Solutions

Transform your space with optimal lighting, enhancing productivity and creating a visually captivating atmosphere through energy-efficient solutions.



DAVISMART offers intelligent lighting solutions for optimising various indoor and outdoor applications using future-proof technology

Seamless lighting control

Seamless wired and wireless lighting control systems using technology-proven DALI, Zigbee or Bluetooth connectivity for all kinds of environment.

Automatic lighting adjustment

Experience automatic lighting adjustment that adapts to changes in the environment and LED life-cycle to generate significant energy savings and enhanced lighting efficiency.



DAVISDESIGN provides high-performance, architectural and decorative lighting that satisfy lighting designers and specification professionals needs.

Unique Customisation

Range of high-performance solutions ensuring a cohesive, personalised, and functional lighting experience.

Enhanced aesthetic appeal

Elevate project ambiance with innovative lighting solutions that captivate and immerse occupants and visitors.



DAVISPRO delivers energy-efficient and superior performance lighting for a range of applications.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient luminaires help businesses reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and promote sustainability in lighting solutions.


Versatile and adaptable luminaires for a wide range of applications; providing flexible lighting solutions tailored to diverse spaces.



DAVISTRADE offers solutions for day-to-day lighting requirements without compromising on quality and performance.

Diverse range of applications

A trade focused range designed to deliver effective lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.

Modular toolbox

DAVISTRADE overs a solutions for day-to-day lighting requirements with compromising on quality and performance.

Partner Brands

Partner Brands

Our esteemed partner brands, collectively providing high-end solutions for any architectural and decorative needs.

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We engage all possibilities to execute the most efficient and reliable path to customisation, provide cleaner energy and sustainable lighting solutions.


Discover industry-focused solutions tailored to various sectors. Get inspired and explore more now on how to enhance your unique projects, create exceptional experiences, and drive innovation.

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